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Glued Belgian linen prepared with traditional oil ground.


Weight: The weight of the glued linen is 18oz/square yard - The heaviest gesso primed canvases on the market have a weight of 12-15oz AFTER being primed. Even with 2 layers of oil primer they are usually less than 15oz. With oil ground our linen is significantly heavier!! (estimated to be 25oz with oil ground). That's 2 times as much as weight as other oil primed canvases. What does that mean for you? This canvas can withstand far more wear and tear than any other canvas out there. 


Texture: The linen has a rough texture. The oil ground covers the heaviest textures for the perfect balance between smooth and rough. 


Surface: This surface is unparalleled by any other painting surface. The oil ground preparation allows for your brush strokes to glide over the surface, providing for a slick and glossy feel. 


Finish: The added weight and separation created by the oil ground will enable you to create a finish that feels more 'wet'. Compared to gesso prepared canvas your paint will not 'sink in' as much, meaning that your painting will maintain a glossier 'wet' finish. 


Protection: The oil ground creates a greater barrier between your paint and the raw linen. This increases the life span of your painting by preventing deterioration of the canvas. 


Ingredients: The ingredients in our oil ground are minimal and have proven to be uniquely suitable for oil painting. The oil ground consists of chalk, oil, and oil colors. That's it! No additives. No other producer of oil ground preparation has so few ingredients.

Hand Prepared Belgian Linen

  • Linen comes unstretched - all measurements are based on the cut size. Your final format will need to be smaller to allow space for stretcher bars. 

    Exception: If you preorder the 72 x 84 in size, that size will be your final format and you will have plenty of excess linen around the edges for stretching. 

  • The 72 x 84 and 48 x 63 inch sizes are only available for preorder and will be fulfilled within just 2-5 weeks. Orders are fulfilled on a first come first serve basis. 

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