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We're not willing to compromise on quality and you shouldn't either! It's impossible to make a masterpiece without the right materials so we took matters into our own hands. We launched Kitschmeister Painting Supplies so everyone can have access to the materials used by the greatest masters of history. 

A brush sitting across a palette that's covered in oil paint with oil paint tubes in the background
Self Portrait as the Apostle Paul


Good quality linen is essential, especially if you want to achieve results like the old masters. It is the very foundation of your painting and will make or break it from the very beginning. That's why we only supply the highest quality Belgian linen. 


To build up paint and sand or scrape like Rembrandt, you need a heavy material that can hold serious weight. Our linen weighs 15oz/square meter - most canvas doesn't weight that much even WITH preparation applied. 


Why test your luck with modern materials when you can use a high quality linen that has been proven by masters for hundreds of years? 

Oil Ground

Oil ground preparation on a canvas with linseed oil and white chalk in the background

We use as few ingredients as possible for the ultimate longevity. For classical painters, this truly makes the perfect surface.

The protective seal will keep your painting looking wet and glossy. While gesso allows colors to 'sink in' our oil ground will keep the paint looking fresh. The slickness allows your brush to glide across the surface, and the colored foundation allows for special techniques that aren’t otherwise possible .  

To read more about The Benefits of Oil Ground Preparation visit our blog. If you want to learn how to make your own oil ground become a patron at for the complete oil ground guide and more than 90+ video lessons. 

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