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Sizing: The linen is glued (aka 'sized') for protection. The size creates a barrier between your oil paint and the raw linen to prevent their interaction. Simply put, the surface is actually ready to paint on.


Texture: This linen has a rough texture which makes suitable for the methods of the masters. The rough texture makes it easy to paint loose and rough in the spirit of Apelles, Titian, Rembrandt, and Nerdrum. 


Surface: The surface is ideal for applying oil ground preparation. The rough texture and heavy weight makes it one of the best linens - add oil ground and there is no better surface for a classical painter. 


Weight - 18oz/square yard. Gesso or oil primed cotton canvases typically weigh 10-12oz AFTER they've been prepared. This linen is already 18oz with just glue. That means our linen is significantly heavier!! What does that mean for you? Your canvas will be able to handle far more wear and tear. You can build up heavy layers and scrape them back down without needing to worry about breaking through the canvas. 


Glued Belgian Linen By Meter

  • Orders are fulfilled within 3-5 days. Shipping times vary by destination. 

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